The Maze of Addiction/Recovery

What’s better than viewing this new work of art here and seeing the concept from start to finish? Viewing the original piece on the wall at The Warehouse and finding where you are in the maze. This work was meticulously thought out and artistically designed by Co-Owner of The Warehouse Club, Tom Y.. Above this work is a second piece which was constructed by Tom from a large collection of various keys. The Key of Willingness. All 12-Step literature emphasizes the importance of willingness saying it is the key that opens the door to a better life.


The Tools of AA

This is a must-see in-person piece of work. Click on this link to watch how it was made.

Recovery Cafe

The Warehouse Club presents Recovery Cafe on our YouTube channel. Our premiere video contains three hours of relaxing Jazz music set to recovery memes and inspirational quotes. The perfect sounds and images for any occasion.
We want this to catch on everywhere that help is needed. We are working on producing a variety of videos designed to uplift, inspire and lighten the mood. Different styles of music and recovery themes will be used throughout. Help us get noticed – Like our videos, share with your friends, and Subscribe!
Volume two is ready!