Q: Is this an AA club?

A: No! It is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous or any other recovery organization. It is its own entity and is incorporated for business purposes. It is simply a place to have meetings and other fun events, no different than any of the other recovery clubs in the area. There are no drugs or alcohol allowed on the premises at any time.

Q: What type of meetings and events will be held there?

A: All 12-step recovery groups are welcome to use the facility including AA, Al-Anon, NA, CA, HA, FAA, ACA, ABA, and any other type of recovery group. In addition to meetings, there are fun events, such as movies (recovery-related), dances, bingo, game nights, etc. Just about anything fun that is alcohol and drug-free.

Q: Will there be a fee to attend anything?

A:  Each group will determine if they will pass a basket to cover their own expenses. However, there will be a rental fee to use either room, which would be paid by the group. This helps cover the cost of maintaining The Warehouse Club. Dances and some of the other events will have a cover charge to help defray the expenses of running the event.

Q: What does it cost to rent a room for a recovery meeting?

A:  The fee to rent a room at The Warehouse Club is $15 plus 1/2 of what’s left over in the collection basket per one-hour meeting. For example, if you took in $35 at a meeting, the amount contributed to TWC would be $15 + $10 = $25 and the group would keep $10. Keep in mind that The Warehouse Club will provide coffee pots, cups, supplies for coffee, and literature, which will cut down on the group’s expenses.

Q: What is your policy on Service Animals?

A: Service Dogs are allowed but they must be fully trained and not in training to provide a service. Therapy, companion, and emotional support dogs are not allowed. They must also be current on shots, county licensing, on leash and harness, and under the control of the owner at all times. Click here to read more.