Keeping the Warehouse up and running is no simple task. Many hours and much hard work are involved in keeping the Club a clean, safe, state of the art facility for recovery.  To continue the Warehouse Club’s important work, we need assistance from those in the community who value and benefit from the critical services we provide.

Our current projects and areas needing upgrades, labor, and financial assistance are as follows:

  • Power Line Meltdown $2,700.00

    Check out this gallery to see the damage and watch the repair.

  • Warehouse Room Insulation (installed but in need of financial contributions) $$$
  • Sofa Room Floor $$$
  • New Emergency exit doors in Warehouse room $$$

There are many more projects that we would like to launch. To make a donation online using PayPal, click on one of the buttons below. Cash and check payment methods are accepted in the Club by filling out an envelope and dropping it into the Group Contributions box located in the cafe by the office door. To donate your time or if you are interested in finding out what else we need help with, call us 727-451-9032.